Saturday, February 14, 2009

Day 21-Pentamadine

Notice the big machine to the right of Sam and the bottles further to the right along with syringes. Also note the small machine to the left of Sam and the white box behind the computer. This is monthly pentamadine day. Albuterol is administered through the smaller machine followed by pentamadine through the large one. French doors must be wide open-ceiling fan full power and an oscillating fan pointed towards the door. This is absolute misery for Sam. The taste is horrific, this day it was cold and rainy, it takes about 35 minutes and each time he asks me, "how many more times do I have to do this mom?" Yet, he sits there and does them without a fight but obviously miserable. These days really get to me. I've been told it ends at 12 months.....

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  1. wow. I feel so much for you. keep holding on and trust God!